US Air Force Admits to Using HAARP For Weather Modification in Defense Hearing. Senator Murkowski asks questions about the impending dismantling of the HAARP facility in Alaska. Basically the defense related research has been done, and nobody wants to pay the $5 Million a year to keep it running for academic research.

US Air Force Admits to Using HAARP For Weather Modification in Defense Hearing.  Senator Murkowski asks questions about the impending dismantling of the HAARP facility in Alaska. Basically the defense related research has been done, and nobody wants to pay the $5 Million a year to keep it running for academic research.

Download PDF- DOD Figure 3: Air Force Operational Weather Squadron (OWS) areas of responsibility (AORs) overlaid on geographic combatantDOD_Weaponized_Weather_3Sec3c-DOD The Air Force and NOAA chemtrailing are creating storms in Florida, the USA, and world to generate money in higher insurance premiums for house and car insurance and health insurance. It is also fraud from theft of federal assets from the once very full and now empty disaster fund. This is insurance fraud and murder in cases of drowning a boating accidents car accidents and from hurricane Andrew, hurricane Katrina, hurricane charley, hurricane sandy, massive tornados in Oklahoma, and in Joplin Missouri, etc. The real estate agents are tied to weaponized weather assaults on homeowners and its tied to torture murder and fraud. Do the 4100 military and civilians running weather modification programs have side business in construction companies and landscape companies and city agencies? USAF METEOROLOGICAL AND SPACE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES


Air Force weather forces provide high-quality, mission-tailored terrestrial and space environment observations, forecasts, and services to the U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Army (USA), and a variety of U.S. Government (USG) departments and agencies. Air Force weather enables Joint Warfighters to anticipate and exploit the weather…for air, space, cyberspace, and ground operations


AF weather is functionally organized under the Director of Weather (AF/A3O-W), Directorate of Operations (AF/A3O), Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, Plans, and Requirements (AF/A3/A5), Headquarters Air Force. The Director of Weather oversees Air Force-wide training, organizing, and equipping of AF weather organizations to include the following functions:

Development of doctrine, policies, requirements, • and standards for weather support for worldwide AF, Army, and Special Forces training and combat operations

Evaluation of weather support effectiveness for • worldwide training and combat operations UNITED Management of weather officer, enlisted, and ci• vilian career fields

Development and implementation of mid- to • long-range plans for the organization, equipment, manpower, and technology necessary to meet future Air Force, Army, Special Forces, and other DOD agency weather requirements

Advising Air Staff and subordinate headquarters • weather functional managers regarding manpower, career field management, personnel utilization, training, operations policy and procedures, and technology acquisition

Advocating and fielding standardized weather AF weather operations provide a Total Force

capability employing over 4,100 Active Duty (AD) and

Reserve Component (RC) military and civilian personnel

supporting Air Force and Army conventional

and Special Operations Forces (SOF) worldwide.

The majority of AF weather personnel are focused

on two distinct, yet related functions: characterizing

the past, current, and future state of the natural environment,

and exploiting environmental information to

provide actionable environmental impacts information

directly to decision-makers.

AF weather is organized in a 3-tier structure

to maximize capabilities that can be accomplished in

the rear area via “reachback” technology. This minimizes

forward presence on the battlefield, making a

“light and lean” presence consistent with the overall

USAF vision for contingency operations in the 21st



The centerpiece of global-scale collection

and production is the Air Force Weather Agency

(AFWA), Offutt AFB, NE, a field operating agency

reporting directly to the Air Force Director of Weather.

AFWA performs two distinct functions for AF

weather. As part of its Lead Command responsibilities,

AFWA plans, programs, and fields standard

weather systems. At the same time, AFWA has a

strategic-level operations and production function.

Specifically, AFWA is charged with collecting, analyzing,

predicting, tailoring, and integrating weather

data at all operational levels.

Through the execution of the second function,

AFWA provides timely, accurate, relevant, and

consistent terrestrial and space weather products

necessary to effectively plan and conduct military

operations at all levels of war. AFWA operates a

satellite data processing center and a centralized climatology

center with the largest military archive of

meteorological data in the world. The agency runs

numerical weather prediction models, conducts global

cloud and snow analyses, and runs cloud analysis

and forecast models. AFWA also maintains a global

meteorological database, and provides dedicated

support to the Intelligence Community (IC).

AFWA consists of a functional management

headquarters; the 1st Weather Group (1 WXG)

with three subordinate CONUS operational weather

squadrons (OWS); the 2nd Weather Group (2

WXG), which operates three squadrons, two at Offutt

and one at Asheville, NC; the Air Force Combat

Weather Center at Hurlburt Field, FL, which supports

the Combat Weather Flights and Battlefield

Weather Teams through investigation, development,

integration, exploitation, and training across new

and existing systems and processes; as well as five

detachments and operating locations. The 1 WXG

commands three operational weather squadrons

that conduct weather operations in support of Total

Force Army and Air Force operations in the CONUS:

the 15th Operational Weather Squadron (15 OWS)

at Scott AFB, IL, the 26th Operational Squadron (26

OWS) at Barksdale AFB, LA, and the 25th Operational

Weather Squadron (25 OWS) at Davis-Monthan


The 2 WXG, collocated with HQ AFWA at

Offutt AFB, NE, consists of the 2nd Systems Operations

Squadron (2 SYOS) which provides automated

weather characterization on a global scale,

the 2nd Weather Squadron (2 WS) which provides

global coverage of forecaster-in-the-loop products

to exploit the weather as well a backup for two national

weather centers (Space Weather Prediction

Center and the Washington-Volcanic Ash Advisory

Center), and the 14th Weather Squadron (14 WS)

at Asheville, NC, which provides centralized climatological

database services, produces specialized

weather-impact information for the Department of

Figure 3-DOD-2. AF Weather Agency’s “Lt Gen Thomas S

Moorman” Building, opened April, 2008.

Section 3 DOD 103

Defense and allied nations, and warehouses and distributes atmospheric science-related technical information.


Six operational weather squadrons (OWSs) form the backbone of regionally focused, “reachback” weather operations, providing a variety of weather forecast products and support to units assigned to and/or deployed into their Area of Responsibility (AOR). OWSs support AF, Army, Navy, Marine, Guard, Reserve and regional Combatant Commanders, providing operational weather support, such as graphical analyses, aviation terminal aerodrome forecasts and aviation hazard forecasts, operational level planning and mission execution products, such as the Joint Operations Area Forecast, severe weather watches/warnings and advisories, and other products using the OWS Production System Phase II (OPS II). The AF will replace OPS II with the Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET), which began fielding began in summer 2008 and will be complete in the fall of 2009. OWSs also provide theater-scale, tailored environmental information to guide development of mission execution forecasts by Active Component (AC) and Reserve Component (RC) weather personnel embedded in operational units. Moreover, OWSs provide flight weather briefings to aircrews operating within their AOR without home station support or as requested by base or post-level weather forces. In addition, OWSs are charged with providing forecaster training for our new recruits.

There is NO statute of limitations on Murder or attempted MURDER in the USA – August 17th 2011- massive chemtrail induced mega storm combined with the stage crew not bolting down the roof of the stage- Janet Jackson was set up to be murdered and luckily survived. Jackson show cancelled after stage collapse

Jackson had been due to perform at the fair on Wednesday

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US stage collapse dead remembered

Five dead as US stage collapses

US concerts by Janet Jackson and Lady Antebellum have been canceled following a stage collapse that killed five people in Indiana at the weekend.

Jackson had been due to perform at the state fair on Wednesday while the country group were set for Friday.

Organisers said a Maroon 5 and Train show planned for Thursday will now move to the nearby Conseco Fieldhouse, with proceeds going to a remembrance fund.

The stage collapsed on Saturday after strong winds blew its rigging over.

About 45 other people were injured while 12,000 concert-goers awaited the start of a concert by country group Sugarland.

Investigators have put incident down to unforeseeable and isolated high winds, but have launched a further inquiry.

On their website, Lady Antebellum said it had been a “difficult decision” to cancel their show.

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Amateur footage of Saturday’s stage collapse courtesy of Jessica Silas and David Wood

The group tweeted: “We’re so sorry to cancel this Friday’s show, our thoughts are with Indy.”

Jackson also wrote on Twitter : “Heartbroken. Prayers and love to Indiana.”

Organisers said tickets previously purchased for the Maroon 5 and Train show will be honoured at the new venue where a number of stage, security and restaurant staff are volunteering to make the concert possible.

DOD Figure 3: Air Force Operational Weather Squadron (OWS) areas of responsibility (AORs) overlaid on geographic combatant

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