Rense Radio – Interview of Ron Angell by Deborah Taveres in regards to the Mitre Corporation-

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Human Performance DOCUMENT (Mitre Corporation) – Complete Control of Politicians, Civilians and ALL Life on the Planet

This report analyzes some approaches that have been suggested for optimizing individual performance, in the context of potential actions of an adversary who may not be guided by the same cultural or ethical concerns that govern US military operations. The measures considered include medical supplements; non-invasive modifications of brain effectiveness, for example by training and sleep optimization; neuro-pharmacology; and neural implants.

The tasking for this study was to evaluate the potential for adversaries to exploit advances in Human Performance Modification, and thus create a threat to national security. In making this assessment, we were asked to evaluate long-term scenarios. We have thus considered the present state of the art in pharmaceutical intervention in cognition and in brain-computer interfaces, and considered how possible future developments might proceed and be used by adversaries.

Forced vaccines on schools and laced food and water via foodservice providers and water utility departments with toxic fluoride citrate in the water and other mind control agents in water supplies. eugenics in schools- the history of Tavistock and ARK (Absolute Return on Kids- ie organ harvesting from induced fake disease and death and DNA matching of the organs in a global DNA database- EVERY 200,000 people are and exact match for organs- no organ rejection drugs needed. The DNA database of children is taken at the hospitals at birth of children.

Stop the chemtrails and the forced vaccines VIP- California children exhibit “Polio like” illness- forced quadriplegics from chemtrails, forced vaccines, radiation from Japan, GMO food, and laced water, food with biochemcial weapons and the Directed Energy Weaponized power grid- Mysterious polio-like illness affects kids in California A mysterious cluster of a polio-like syndrome has infected as many as 25 California children, leaving them with paralyzed limbs and little hope of recovery.
Published on Aug 20, 2013

Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, talks about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.
Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons. | | Alternative News for the People
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Published on Aug 20, 2013 Transcription here-
Mr. Barrie Trower- “ I joined the Royal Navy in 1960 and I specialized in microwave warfare, radar which obviously uses microwave but they don’t just teach you radar they teach you all about microwaves and “other uses” so I understood about microwave warfare and how it can damage people how it can harm people, and when I finished with the Royal Navy , uh, I was also a diver in the Royal Navy and microwaves are used in underwater mines as booby traps, you can , which what actually got me interested, because I was actually taking a bomb to pieces underwater and it was too complicated, and I brought it to the surface and my partner that was on the surface said ‘…Don’t be an idiot, take it back down…’ he said, ‘…if somebody’s beaming you with microwaves the will go right though you and as you open the casing trigger a photo electric cell and it will blow ( everyone) all of us up, and he said if it does not go through to the bomb it will aim at your head and make you make a mistake…” and that’s really got me interested from that point because I thought from that point how can microwaves going into your brain make you make a mistake. And I asked a lot of questions, I have a very curious brain. And the Forces (British Forces), they are very good at explaining things and telling you things, so I did that and I also did a medical course while I was into (it) to help me understand everything, and when I left, a small part of my job was to question captured agents spies, terrorists, because microwaves then were used as weapons as they are today. It is a perfect stealth weapon, and when Governments don’t like a group of people for instance the ladies who protested Greenom common in England the American Missile base, they camped (set up tents overnight). (United Kingdom) We microwaved Catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick, it goes on all over the world. And It’s a weapon you don’t know you’re being targeted, because the dose is very very low which is actually more dangerous than a high dose, It’s very very low and it may take a year or two, but you can , you can cause neurological damage and cancers with low level microwaves you can make all your opponents sick , it’s a perfect weapon for a government to use, so that was going on, and I gathered all the information about that from people who were captured from that from other countries to find out what technologies they had what pulse frequencies they used but as… Australia…. it was only a small part of my work, but because I was highly trained in it and I was useful, it just became a part of my working structure along with master criminals and terrorists and all sorts of people I found incredibly interesting actually to talk to, very very interesting and then when I left there I took a job teaching and I taught advance level physics and I specialized in nuclear and atomic radiation and again microwaves; I’ve just always been in microwaves, and then it was a doctor, I went to see a doctor once as most teachers do with a sore throat, and he said he said, as most doctors do it’s viral, there’s nothing I can do for you, and I was leaving, and he said ‘Hang on Barrie he said, he said you’re a physicist, and I said “yeah” and he said ‘can you explain something?’- “He said” ‘I went to a house that had a cot death (Crib Death AKA [SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome] ) five years ago and the family moved and a new family moved in they had a new baby the cot was in exactly the same place and there was another cot death (Crib DEATH [SIDS] and he said five years apart and he said there is a transmitter the other side of the child’s bedroom wall, could the transmitter cause the cot death? (Crib Death AKA [SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome] )? and I said I don’t know I said but I’ll look into It . And then I found out that microwaves were involved and I knew what microwaves did and a while later I went back to the doctor and I wrote a paper on it and I said there is your answer microwaves can cause cot death (Crib Death AKA [SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome] ) by two or three mechanisms there is your answer, and then for some reason he told somebody who told somebody and people started phoneing me up and writing to me saying can you explain this or can you help with that, I’ve never actually asked anyone if I can do anything they always come to me and then the police came to me and said we’re getting this new TETRA Airwave System (It’s all over Florida because of Buckingham Air field on Buckingham Road ) , we don’t understand what’s happing can you read all this scientific rubbish and just put it into Janet and John (P’s and Q’s) and just tell us and I said of course I can, so that was published, and since then it’s snowballed and snowballed and snowballed, and now I receive up to one thousand connumicas (communications) a week, from various countries, various people, and I can’t handle it so and I am here now because someone asked me to come here. WiFi ? – I think anyone that puts WiFi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life I really do. I think they are not fit to walk on the surface of this planet, because they have not looked at the research and whatever incentive they have it is not worth the genetic problems that parents are going to face with their children when they are born. And if you think of a single parent; a mother who has a genetically deformed child that that particular mother will feel guilty because she gave birth, she will feel guilty and she will be worried ever single second of ever every single day for her life, she will worry that the child won’t marry, if the child can marry she’ll worry that the children will carry the disease; which they will, she will worry when she dies who will take care of them, so you are condemning both the family and the children to a lifetime of absolute ‘hell’; and this is already published and it is available to look up and it’s what I called “Intentional Ignorance”. They are offered some sort of incentive, and they think this is going to be good, we will have it, now the problem is imagine you are a 15 year old school girl. All of the 400,000 eggs in your ovaries were with you at birth, they are not fully developed but they are with you. They are 10 times more susceptible to radiation than all of the other DNA in the body, and scientists don’t realize that, they don’t read all of the papers as I do. So you have this highly susceptible genetic material which is going to make your children, and you are irradiating it, because WiFi are transmitters as well as the routers as well as the ones either side of you (your neighbors with WiFi and the Clubhouse Radio Antenna in River Forest in Fort Myers shores Florida, lee county Florida, as well as the WiFi on top the Street lamps installed on top of Street lamps all over the USA) They are all transmitting this height through your ovaries. So you are risking the damage the DNA damage of your child ever time you sit down and you use WiFi. And its like saying if I smoke a cigarette, which one will cause the damage? The answer is I don’t know. It could be the one today. So you now have a child that has a probability of being genetically damaged. But the real damage is when that child grows up you have genetic material in your ovaries which could be damaged. Now the real problem comes so you have a child that could be born genetically damaged .. but the real problem comes, when you become pregnant if you are a teacher or mature student (female student) and you become pregnant because the embryo Inside your womb in the first 100 days all of those 400,000 eggs are forming in your embryo your (female ) child’s ovaries. So your (female) child could be born with genetically damaged eggs, and the main thing about the eggs of the ovaries of your child is that they have absolutely no protection, it has not been developed yet. We have a natural protection against microwaves, it was developed since the stone age against thunder storms and massive amounts of radiation coming into our body. But in your embryo your uterus in the fetus where your child is developing for the first 100 days in the ovaries (of the female fetus) the eggs do not have that protection so they are at maximum risk from radiation. And for the first month or so you would not even know you were pregnant, you would not even be taking precautions. That is the main danger area. So you give birth to a daughter but her ovaries are not contaminated. She may be normal or she may be genetically damaged. But her ovaries are at the most risk, so when your daughter grows up and she becomes pregnant and has a baby, this is where one of these eggs will be fertilized and comes out (genetically damaged) so the real damage here is your grand children. That is where it is going to show most. And we already see this in animals that have reproductive cycles of a year of two years or three years, we’re already seeing this and it has been published by veterinary schools and vets, and scientists, so we know this happens. And it’s also been documented in the cold war when women were deliberately microwaved . So we know it does happen. The documents are there. And what you are risking by putting WiFi into schools is the future generations of all of these girls. But it gets worse, because this particular DNA- the mitochondrial DNA inside you and the DNA inside you the mitochondrial DNA you can trace unchanged to your mother her mother her mother right the way back to the beginning of the human race in Africa the stone age- you can trace your ancestors if you could right back to the very first lady; it is unchanged- the mitochondria (DNA) and that is being unchanged in your children. Which means if you damage it, your child could be genetically damaged then her child and her child and her child- forever. You are condemning the future generation of every single child, until there are no more lines left in the female in your family. You must stop- a female must stop producing children for this to stop. So when you put WiFi in schools what your saying is for the sake of a little bit of money that saves getting the workmen in to drill holes through the walls to feed the cable because It’s cheaper, were just going to put WiFi in but you can have genetically damaged children for the rest of your families career (history).. that’s what we’re (they are saying )”

Mysterious polio-like illness affects kids in California- UC Davis

Doctors believe they’ve identified as many as 25 California children suffering from a mysterious, polio-like virus capable of paralyzing limbs. While they may be close to a breakthrough, there is little hope of recovery for those affected. VPC


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